Doug Compton’s

Dreamscape Detectives

Copyright © 1997-2004 Doug Compton

Used With Permission

Doug Compton (aka Snoop) is a fantastic artist and was/is part of a virtual community once known as Worlds Away or The Dreamscape. During his stay there he produced carricatures and cartoons... his impressions or artistic renderings of how people (albiet virtual people) might appear if their characters were cast into comical situations. Isn’t strange how “Muck Canuck” in this comic strip sound like Meckanic, I am in Canada and I tried to take over (buy) the Dreamscape software from Fujitsu, wonder if it’s all just a coincidence? Anyway, all images on these particular pages that have to do with “Dreamscape Detectives” are Copyright © 1997-2004, Doug Compton. You can visit Doug’s site at and I would suggest you do as he has a vast array of images that he has produced, that are quite amazing, plus additional comics pertaining to Worlds Away.

Please note that the original comic images are quite large and may take some time to load on anything other than a broadband connection.

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