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Fiero's and African Wildlife Photography

Last Updated: May 15, 2008
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I do a little composing from time to time, I donít know
why I never put these up before. Itís just a couple of friends
 and I doing songs they wrote, they are guitars and vocals and
I played all the other instruments and did the editing.

And She Cried
Lyrics, Vocals, Guitars - Lloyd
Synth, Strings, Bass, Keyboards, Drums - Me

Another Song
Lyrics, Vocals - luke
Guitars - Anthony
Synth, Cello, Viola, Effects - Me


For the Fiero Hobbyists and Collectors

Tan Interior, Firebird Seats, Shortened Shifter, Wood Trim, BlueLight White Gauges, 5 speed Getrag with dual force clutch, Lowered, Ronal Rims (Ferrari knockoffs), Dual Amps, Dual Subwoofers, Front and Rear Anti-Sway Bars, Accel Ignition and Wires, Bored Holley Throttle Body, Oversized Injectors, ported and polished, 225/50R15 Front and 265/50R15 Rear tires. I blew the engine/tranny and some of the electrics died in May, the engine and tranny has to be rebuilt, and the electrical problems traced and rewired or sensors replaced. I just didnít have the time anymore to play with this toy, so I sold the car to someone who could appreciate it, but since itís still pretty, I am leaving the pics on the site (I did keep the plates though).


Once upon a time and all that crap... I was an avatar in a virtual world called Worlds Away and there was a guy there named Snoop (Doug, an excellent cartoonist in the US). He was pretty busy back then doing caricatures of virtual people in Worlds Away.  I always wanted him to do one for me, but half a cartoon series where I get to be the protagonist... yee haw! You can see a number of his comics and excellent artwork at Snoop's webpages. Just enter the site, click on Pinboard Gallery and his other links. While you're there, check out his work, it's pretty amazing, he does a great job!

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