Meckanic™'s Fiero

 Updated: May 7, 2004

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The First One

  • 1985 Fiero SE, 2.8 litre V6, 4 speed standard (3.1/210hp went in over the first winter). This car is a lot of fun!!!! even though it is a pig at times to work on. I put in a sunroof. Replaced everything mechanical on the car that has to do with suspension including all ball joints, tie rods, bearings, replaced all brake rotors, pads and rebuilt brake callipers, lowered the car 2" with the spring kit, put in new gas premium shocks and struts, added rear anti-sway bar, put in an original stainless steel exhaust, plus a lot of little things. Car has 15" Ferrari style Ronal rims with 225R15-50 Yokahama tires. Designed and built the ILS-1 Digital Speedometer, Tachometer, Oil Pressure, Water Temperature and Voltage Gauges. Holley Fuel Injection, Acel Ignition System and I upgraded the ECM PROM. Stereo is a Pioneer DEH-55-DH with Pioneer 4"x10" co-axial fronts, Acoustic Research Mini rears plus a HiFonics 170 watt bridged subwoofer amp with an 8" ported Kenwood subwoofer. Radar Detector for United States use, is a Uniden 360 degree Laser/Microwave with a Mirage 2000 Jammer and I added a Uniden BearTracker BCT-12 Police and Emergency Scanner. Have replaced every interior and exterior part that was broken or even a bit worn. If you want any info on the subwoofer and it's location contact me here as I mounted the Sub under the right side dash (you can't even see it) and all the stereo shops said it couldn't be done.

The Second One !

  • 1987 Fiero GT, stock 2.8 litre V6, 5 speed Getrag standard. This car is a lot of fun like the 1985!!!! Came with a sunroof and power everything. Started the replacement procedure, but it is a pain in the ass. Obviously all the good toys from the 1985 Fiero are going on this one. Anyway, these are two of the before pictures, so I can remember what it looked like.


These are thumbnails of the above 1987 Fiero GT after it had the suspension done, brakes, HO new motor dropped in, tires and rims from the 85 Fiero, etc....but before the Air Dam and other toys were put on.

Front Drivers SideDrivers SideFront Passenger SideFrontRear Drivers SideRear Drivers SideBig Ass EndRear Passenger SideDriver Side FrontDrivers SideDrivers Side Rear

And of Course the wee Beastie in Pearl Emerald Green !

The entire car has been lightened physically and checks in at 2054 lbs which gives me about 9.2 lbs per hp. Not quite Trans Am racing specs, but with the new Supercharged gear driven 3.4 DOHC - 565 hp @ 4000rpm (9500rpm stable top end and methanol/nitropropane ready) it will be considerably better, at less than 4lbs/hp. A real Saleen is 5lbs/hp (and I don't mean the cheezy Mustang).

Engine Work: The Plenum, downdraft plenum and Rockers are shot peened and buffed original aluminum. Accel Ignition system. Engine is bored to 3.1 plus Stroker crank and kit. She puts down 227 hp and it's hard to keep below flying speed.