Special Effects: A Few

Please note: All pictures are Copyright (c) 1986-1998 Dave Meckanic. All Rights Reserved.

'Evening on the Vaal'. This was shot at about 6pm on the Vaal River east of Johannesburg. I have always liked this shot, reminds me of all good things peaceful and beautiful. It was taken just before I went to work with the military, around the 4th day that we were in South Africa. Al (a friend) had taken us boating all day and I had been falling down trying to waterski...see Al, I admitted it....oh well. Shot with 400 ASA, 50mm/f5.6 using a Hoyarex Starburst Filter.

A road near my offices and laboratory in Edenvale, Johannesburg. I took this one, just to see what this new filter would do for me...if anything. The shot was taken using 400 ASA, 80mm/f8 using a Hoyarex Diffraction Halo Filter.

'Busy Night' taken of the N13 (southern Johannesburg) looking east from the Xavier Avenue bridge. This was taken using 400 ASA, 50mm/f1.7 using manual shutter control for about 10 seconds.

'Carlton Centre' Johannesburg ....was taken mid afternoon looking slightly east and south. The shot used 200 ASA, 80mm/f11 and used a Hoyarex Multiple Image Prism Filter.