African Scenary: Rural

Please note: All pictures are Copyright (c) 1986-1998 Dave Meckanic. All Rights Reserved.

Berlin Falls near Graskop and Pilgrim's Rest in the Eastern Transvaal, South Africa, shot with 200 ASA, 80-200 mm @ about 100mm/f8. Don't let the picture size decieve you, this falls is about 300 feet high. In the upper left corner, there is a little blue dot, there are a couple of people there.

'The Buttress' in the Northern Transvaal, looking south from the N1 highway coming south from Messina. Shot with 200 ASA, 28-80mm at about 80 mm/f5.6.

A peacfull river, FULL OF MOUNTAIN TROUT. When I passed here I had to stop to take a pictue, I could hear the fish calling me...but I had no fishing rod with me....Shot 400 ASA, 50mm/f5.6.

Blythdale Beach, north of Durban and Umlanga on the coast highway, this is the Indian Ocean. Can't remember what this was shot with.