Kudu, Hyena Cub, Baboon and Hornbill

Please note: All pictures are Copyright (c) 1986-1998 Dave Meckanic. All Rights Reserved.

Ronnie Regan, the Kudu, beautiful animal this and used to hang around the Tshukudu Game farm lodge bar, just like a politician. He wasn't tame, but he was semi-approachable, just not too close, he took a chunk out of one persons face with his horns. Shot with 400 ASA, 50mm/f5.6, midday with shade.

Hyena Cub, shot in Russermi Game Farm while on safari. I had to stand on my toes on top of the jeeps roll bar and windshield to get this much, but I was the only one who actually got a shot of this cub. Shot with 400 ASA, 200mm/f8, midday I think it was towards the afternoon.

Male Baboon taken in Kruger National Park in the Eastern Transvaal. Shot with 200 ASA, 50 mm/f5.6.

Yellow Billed Hornbill shot at Russermi Game Farm while on safari, west of Kruger National Park. Shot with 200 ASA, 200mm/f11, midday with some cloud cover (a bit too much background glare).