Other Herbavores

Please Note: All Pictures are Copyright (c) 1986-1998 Dave Meckanic. All Rights Reserved.

Giraffe on the run! I had just gotten out of the jeep and set up when this guy noticed me, so I had to shoot quick. Taken at Tshukudu Game Farm, west of Kruger National Park. Shot with 400 ASA, 200mm/f5.6, midmorning.

Impala in the fields at Tshukudu. Shot with 200 ASA, 200mm/f8, midafternoon.

Waterbuck, getting a drink at the local road pool. These guys have strange markings on their posteriors, looks like they sat on a freshly painted toilet seat. Shot was taken early morning at Tshukudu. Shot with 400 ASA, 200mm/f4.

Zebra at the plains in Kruger National Part, middle area between Oliphants and Satara Game Farm. Shot with 200 ASA/f11, midday.