Lions, Just Lions

Please Note: All pictures are Copyright (c) 1986-1998 Dave Meckanic. All Rights Reserved.

Lioness in Tshukudu Game Farm. This picture speaks louder than words, so.....shot with 200 ASA, 80mm/f8 at about 10 feet, midafternoon.

Lionesses relaxing in the shade at Tshukudu, the one on the right looks like it's watching it's dinner get ready to drop out of the tree. Shot with 400 ASA, 50mm/f8, midafternoon.

Young Male Lion about 3 years old at Tshukudu Game Farm. Shot with 400 ASA, 80 mm/f8, midday.

The same young male Lion in the bushes, trying to decide weither to watch me or the ranger. This was a fairly close shot, done on my stomach at about 10 feet, 400 ASA, 80mm/f5.6, midday with shade. I was well prepared for this one though, 35mm in the left hand and Desert Eagle 44 magnum in the right...I only take calculated risks....

Dinner Time for the Lions at Tshukudu. They are eating a Donkey or part of it. The Park does this every once in a while to make sure the antelope (Impala, Kudu, Eland, Waterbuck, etc), Giraffe and Warthog populations don't get too endangered. Shot midafternoon, 200 ASA, 80mm/f5.6.