Elephants & Rhinoceros

Please Note: All pictures are Copyright (c) 1986-1998 Dave Meckanic. All Rights Reserved.

African Elephant at Kruger National Park (southern area of park) in South Africa. Shot with 400 ASA, about 200mm/f5.6 midday.

Rhino calf nursing, very hard to get shot. This was early morning in the fields past the Rondavaals (nice huts kinda) where we (ex, kids and I) stayed at Tshukudu. Shot with 400 ASA/f4, early-mid morning.

Bull Rhino at Rob Ferrera Game Farm, north side of the Vaal River, near Christiana in the central part of South Africa. During the Orange and Vaal river floods in 1988, both this Rhino and the one below died. It was a real loss. At least I was lucky enough to get pictures. Shot with 400 ASA, 50mm/f5.6, cloud cover. When my assistant and I took these pictures, I was standing 15' away (this picture) and he was standing about 10' away, just outside the picture border, wearing a red shirt. I left the car running and the doors open!!!! It's a good thing these guys are myoptic and we were downwind.

Another Bull Rhino, this one was just outside the car and showing a little interest in us. The picture was shot through the window using a 80mm/f8 lens, 400 ASA film, the next day, late afternoon.